Ian Somerhalder has a new love [x]



“Duas pessoas só podem manter um segredo se uma delas estiver morta.” — Alison Dilaurents (via prettylittleliarsfactsbr)


I wait here forever just to,
To see you smile
Cause it’s true
I am nothing without you.

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This would be so much better if we were naked.

  • Pretty Little Liars: Dan Humphrey is A
  • The Mentalist: Dan Humphrey is Red John
  • How I Met Your Mother: Dan Humphrey is The Mother
  • Batman: Dan Humphrey is Batman
  • Christmas: Dan Humphrey is Santa Claus
  • The Vampire Diaries: Dan Humphrey is Silus
  • The Office: Dan Humphrey is the Scranton Strangler
  • Greys Anatomy: Dan Humphrey caused the plane crash
  • Game of Thrones: Dan Humphrey is Jon Snows mother
  • Once Upon A Time: Dan Humphrey is Bae
  • Breaking Bad: Dan Humphrey is Heisenberg

January 17 has never seemed so far away.